Only 52% of doctors completing foundation training chose to enter specialty training

NHSreality has already suggested that we train graduates rather than undergraduates at medical schools, and with distance learning they can be dispersed around the DGHs (District General Hospitals) for most of their training. Attendance at a centralised overseeing “medical school” need not be more than once a month, or even less. Graduate entry will correct the gender imbalance, and dispersal will lead to their being more likely to remain in or near their training location. Medical training provides an excellent knowledge basis for becoming a parent, but this drop out rate is unacceptable and a scandal.

Alarm at specialty exodus   07/12/2015

From an article posted on Doctorsnet

A link to the report can be found here

Senior doctors have warned of the impact on the NHS of a growing exodus of foundation doctors.

This year just 52% of doctors completing foundation training chose to enter specialty training, according to new figures.

Growing numbers of doctors are taking career breaks or seeking other kinds of appointments, according to the figures from the UK Foundation Programme Office, reported in news on Friday.

Four years ago some 71.3% of foundation doctors went straight into specialty training.

Doctors were making their decisions about the next stage in their careers at the point when junior doctors’ leaders had already expressed dismay at what was being offered in a prospective new contract and withdrawn from talks – but before the move to strike action in the last three months.

Speaking to The Guardian, the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Professor Sir Simon Wessely described the reduction in specialty applications as “disturbing.”

He said: “All this is very worrying. The loss of anything other than a tiny minority of these junior doctors will be a substantial loss to the NHS if these expensively-trained, excellent young medical graduates choose not to pursue a career in the NHS.

“The figures show that more people are less willing to commit themselves to further training to become a GP or consultant in the NHS. They tell us that more and more are reluctant to join the NHS or are hedging their bets.”

The chair of the British Medical Association’s junior doctors committee, Dr Johann Malawana, said: “These figures should serve as a serious wake up call to the government, and highlight the significant impact that increasing demand, recruitment issues, and falling resources are having on NHS staff.

“The unprecedented pressure combined with the anger and frustration around the government’s plan to impose a new contract, has left many junior doctors voting with their feet.”

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