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24th Jan 2016: Why don’t doctors come to rural Wales?

16th January 2016: Pembrokeshire is downgrading – a shortage of doctors and lower standards is inevitable

12th December 2015: Banal and sanitised Drakeford interview shames the local press in West Wales

8th March 2015: Local politics and health: Hundreds from West Wales (Pembrokeshire) to protest at the Senedd against ‘downgrading’ of Withybush Hospital

22nd Feb 2015: Withybush Protest March 4th – at the Welsh Assembly  and Cancer doctor (Ann Barnes MBE) quits over understaffing at Withybush

7th Feb 2015: Cancer Care in West Wales will be more distant….

Feb 2015: Wales’ GP Heroine Whistleblower…. The Spectator reveals “How the NHS silenced a whistleblowing doctor” – No cultural change yet…

Feb 2015: Disintegration? Plaid Cymru publishes proposals to recruit an extra 1,000 doctors to Welsh NHS. Meanwhile a “managed service”..

2014: Interview with Dr Ian Martin, Radiologist Withybush Hospital, Pembrokeshire

4th February 2014: A poisoned chalice. Advertisment for Chairman of Hywel Dda…

18th October 2014: Don’t give money to Regional Health Service Hospital based charities

26th June 2014: Consultation on West Wales Hospitals was a sham.

23rd May 2014: Elderly suffer community hospital bed closures, Age Cymru claims

22nd May 2014: Hywel Dda hospital cardiac care services under discussion

22nd May 2014: Ceredigion palliative cancer care ‘set back 10 years’

3rd May 2014: Patient complaints to W9ales’ health boards soar, figures show

18th April 2014 : Hywel Dda watchdog warning over patient divert system

23rd November 2014: Inequality revisited.

30th November 2014: Doctors’ fears over midwife birth centres – “higher transfer distances increase perinatal mortality”

Hywel Dda under pressure as doctor says ‘Glangwili will not cope’ once Withybush has been downgraded..

Pembrokeshire Oncology cancer services in crisis

Senedd protest over west Wales (Pembrokeshire) specialist baby care changes

Rohan Rhodes (from Pembrokeshire) baby inquest: Parents plan legal action

One West Wales Trust please, and The Centre of Excellence in West Wales should be in Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Health Board Chairman Resigns

Interview with Jon Skone, retired chief of the combined Social Services and Health budget in Pembrokeshire

The West Wales Guardian reports: 6th November 2013 – What is going on ..at our Hospital?

The Pembrokeshire Herald 5 July 2013  Third new local newspaper launched in Wales
By Sarah Moore BBC Wales news

Public confidence in the Welsh NHS has plummeted, especially in rural areas

Good to have alternative views; we also need them on the Radio, which is the medium younger people use..

Local Newspaper correspondence:  Western Telegraph 25th June:
Much of the country seems to be debating the rationalisation of specialist services in our District General Hospitals (https://nhsreality.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/nationwide-opp…ures-in-the-uk/).
Of course AMs need to have their say, but their view is not any more valid than that of any other citizen. Our AMs will fight to preserve the status quo in their particular location – as they see this as gaining more votes than supporting the changes. These local politicians also have no budgetary responsibility.
If more people are going to live longer, and less infants to die, and there are to be less complications, surely it is worth the short term inconvenience of travel. The local services will still treat most common medical problems. As the population ages, hospitals and the community services will be largely employed with elderly care. This will be national and repetitive, and when something is done lots, it should be done well. When something is done rarely it is often done less well, and these are the services that need centralisation.
When will the media help us to come to terms with change? Please don’t undermine the dedicated and highly qualified team employed to address the problems! When will the media start to analyse the political philosophy rather than the delivery details? To quote from Tony Narula’s letter in the Times: (https://nhsreality.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/everything-for…y-and-accuracy/) “….we cannot expect … to achieve everything for everyone for ever.”

Local Press replies July 2013:

Update 25th June from Hywel Dda Trust in West Wales.

Pembs International Research - Kings Fund

This is a risk which may or may not pay off. The stakes are high, but if it fails then West Wales may have to combine with Swansea, and the concentration of expertise would (in my opinion) be a good thing.

wo documents from Hywel Dda, one a leaked report from the Board and another a comment from the CHC.

Hywel Dda CHC Referral to Minister Feb 2013

Consultation comment from CHC HDACHC124a

The problem of rationing efficiently in a rural area is that the “rules of the game” (from WAG) mean it is seen as more dramatic where transport links are poor. The fact that patients in Hywel Dda, along with the rest of Wales,  also have no “choice” focuses the minds of all on what is not available. Certainly, the outcome from some rarer but serious conditions such as a leaking Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm will be much worse in Pembrokeshire than in Cardiff or Swansea simply because of distance and rurality, but add to this the lack of a clear diagnosis, and the negotiation needed to get treatment in another Trust …

Documents have been released by Hywel Dda’s Jon Skone, retired Director of Social Services, who was the first person in charge of the joined up financial entity – Health and Social Services. His papers reveal the thinking, the problems, and the potential behind the new system.

Health and Social Care Integration Paper4FinalJS1

To quote from the Outcomes report:

“Ed Miliband….called for the swift integration of health and care services so that the

NHS can be made financially sustainable and provide a better service for the future.(Our emphasis)

This kind of rhetoric lies at the heart of the arguments set out in Jon’s report. Essentially it begins a debate around the questions: Are social care objectives the same as those for health? And/or must health objectives always take precedence? Discussing these questions seems essential if  any integrated approach is to deliver improved outcomes across the piece…”

Health and Social Care Outcomes JS2

At last, a philosophical question… which is exactly where Aneurin Beavan started in 1948.

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