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Mid Staffs – Who, if Anyone, Will Be Accountable?

Three weeks after the publication of the Francis Report The Telegraph asks if anyone will be held accountable for the Mid Staffs deaths.

The Telegraph 28th February, 2013.

Update 13th April 2013

Chris Smith in The Times reports

“A criminal investigation has begun into the death of a patient at Stafford Hospital, raising the prospect of charges over the scandal that has shaken the NHS.

Also in the BMJ  Adrian O’Dowd reports (BMJ 13th April 2013 Vol 346 PP 18-20) “After Francis, what’s next for the NHS”, in a series of comments by a “round table” of prominent figures at the BMA. There was no conclusion…

Does the NHS really spend £15m on Gagging Whistleblowers?

“The public money spent on stopping NHS staff from speaking out is almost equivalent to the salaries of around 750 nurses.”

Daily Telegraph 22nd February 2013

Update 25th Sep 2013:

The Telegraph’s By Steven Swinford, Senior Political Correspondent reports 15th Septrember 2013:

NHS ‘covered up’ £4m of gag orders

The head of the NHS has been accused of a “systemic cover-up” after official figures disclosed that hospitals have spent more than £4 million on secret gagging orders.

The Times (Ruth Geldhill) reports 25th September:

Doctor sacked for e-mailing Christian prayer to colleagues loses appeal

“A doctor who was let go for e-mailing a Christian prayer to colleagues has lost his appeal against his dismissal.

David Drew, 65, a consultant paediatrician, claims that he was targeted for being an NHS whistleblower.

He sent a 16th-century prayer by St Ignatius Loyola to colleagues in April 2009 in an effort to motivate the department.

Dr Drew, who had an unblemished 37-year career in the NHS, was told to “keep his religious beliefs to himself” after a review panel investigated his conduct in March 2010……”

Consulting professionals and managers about the NHS.

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