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The following website and reports are of interest.

I am looking to improve this list so please send in suggestions using the comment option at the bottom of this page.

NHS rationing and the Law by Warwick Heale in Devon

Resource allocation and rationing strategies in the NHS Christopher Stone 2010



TBI Rehab – Neuro Rehab Services in London area.


38 Degrees. – Sign a petition against the privatisation of the NHS.

Life in the NHS. A nurses blog.

NHS Vault – Analysis of NHS and social policies

NHS Rationing is a private website set up “to provide a guide to the law and practice of NHS Rationing and Post Code Prescribing.  It is maintained by David Lock QC, a barrister who has appeared in many of the leading cases in this area of law.  It is independent of the NHS or any firm of solicitors.”

There is an illness in the NHS and “Cure the NHS“, founded by Julie Bailey and a group of friends, relatives and patients has been proved right.

Healthwatch England (Your National Spotlight on Local Services) is the new, independent consumer champion for health and social care in England. Our job is to argue for the consumer interest of all those who use health and social care services.

No fault compensation is being considered in Scotland. It has been accepted as “pragmatically better justice” by New Zealand since 1967, with adjustments. The UK considered it in ? 1969 (reference needed – My memory is a Lord Pearson report, accepted by both political parties but  not implemented because of the funding implications)

Want to read more about deserts based rationing?

There is a new Oral Health policy in Wales – aimed at reducing inequalities. (A policy for this has always been shown to generate perverse outcomes – usually worse than before).

Interesting advice on the Commonwealth Fund website about systems and table showing comparison indicators for different HealthCare systems.

The Kings Fund social attitudes survey – shows declining confidence in the NHS over some years now, and well before the Mid Staffs scandal.

The Health foundation – An independant charity working to improve the quality of health care in the UK. (Pity they did not expose Mid Staffs).

CHAIPS: Champions for Honour and Integrity in Public Service

Monitor: Our main duty is to protect and promote the interests of people who use health care services. We do this by promoting the provision of health care services which is effective, efficient and economic, and which maintains or improves the quality of services. Find out more about Monitor’s role. So has Monitor failed with regard to your DGH?

Dr Foster is a useful source of Hospital SMR (Standard Mortality ratios – But these are not available as comparisons in Wales and Scotland.

Dismantleing the NHS comment is at

The Care Quality Commission checks delivery against National Standards (But does not apply to Wales ) and can be contacted on this link (

Links to English PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) and the Patients Association.

Links to Welsh Health Trusts. and the Community Health Councils in Wales.

Links to Scottish Health Boards

Northern Ireland Health Trusts

Significant reports on the NHS:

Mid Staffs

The Longley Report for Wales

University of Bristol Hospitals report on Children

Hospital Management and The Griffiths Report

In 2006 Nigel Crisp, the former Chief Executive warned us all that we only had 24 hrs to save the NHS.

Other Websites of Interest.

Pembrokeshire (Hywel Dda Trust) and Peter Milewski’s Pembrokeshire Health Concern .. (Peters’ site also links to a document researching RAMI and which finds it to be wanting.

Accelerated Nursing: The On-line guide to getting your nursing degree fast: What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School

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