Politicians and Public figures

This page is for those public or elected professional figures who have been invited to participate. Dominic Lawson in The Times today 3rd March 2013 does not feel it likely that Politicians (will tell the) Truth, but I feel there is always a hope that we might light up their altruism, and they might just comment on how to turn around the NHS, even if it will take more than two terms in office.. I do not expect many nurses and doctors who are working to either be interviewed, or if they are to give their names. The cultural changes to remove fear of retribution will take a long time to change. Meanwhile our heroes should be those who speak out, either on the site or in the national media. (It seems Local media cannot give space and time to the philosophy & complexity of issues.) If you are retired please consider your duty to the NHS to speak out. Warning: If you were hoping for a “gong” your name as a communicant on this site will probably end all prospects.

Paul Davies WAM – See Interview

Invited and considering:

Stephen Crabbe MP (declined to speak on NHS philosophy and values and finance on 27 February 2013 and again October 2013)

Laurence Williams LMC Pembrokeshire rep – Will probably wait until retirement

Dasos Zanguras Commisiioning Group Chairman, Pembrokeshire – a possible….

Ashley Warlow – Pembrokeshire Community Health Council – Willing but the “time is not right”…

Tony Wales – Hywel Dda CHC Chairman – Not spoken to directly but his staff say willing – but the time is not right..

Stuart Fletcher – former CEO of Withybush and now Chairman of the Welsh Ambulance Trust.

Ruth Howells, retired Consultant O&G

Martin Shepherd – retired consultant Microbiology

For ease of reference here is “In Place of Fear A Free Health Service 1952 Chapter 5

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