Terrifyingly, according to the World Health Organisation definition the UK no longer has a NHS

Youssef El Gingihy is a GP and author. Whether we agree with him or not, the dire finances are evident. A public company would be declared insolvent.. Rationing is inevitable. Is it ethical to do it covertly and by post code? How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps is published by Zero books. He writes in […]

In a world where nobody trusts any experts, who will trust the UN report? Not our politicians it seems…

The comments are in the BMJ are appropriate “The deepening crisis in the UK requires society wide, political intervention. Austerity bites – falling life expectancy in the UK But nobody will listen, and the government has already rejected the findings as “false news”. Not enough deaths yet it seems… The post code lottery of service […]

GP pension boost may halt exodus: why when “the NHS ….is the least national health service in the developed world, an insult to the memory of Aneurin Bevan.”?

The idea that successive governments bear responsibility for the manpower crisis has not occurred to the media it seems. Whilst the stressed out GPs, denied access to quick diagnostic tests, have a choice: they can “live with uncertainty” in an increasingly litigious world, or refer. Which choice they make determines the efficiency of the 4 […]

Falling immigration could destroy the NHS. Are we ready to descend to developing world standards?.

All 4 health services are dependent on overseas staffing. So this is a truly “National” problem, and it applies to the EHS, SHS, WHS and NIHS. The greatest resource the services have are their people… and yet the people feel undervalued, bullied and overworked…. The rationing of training places over decades is to blame.. Manpower […]

Child health declining: just one of the indicators – losing our first world status?

Just as overall life expectancy is set to fall, so child health is declining, and the life expectancy of ill children depends more and more on your post code, and your income group. We are losing our first world status.. Our main natural resource is our people and our children. With no significant underground resources […]

Not many first world countries have gone backwards in health provision, population health and life expectancy. The UK may be the first…

If the UKs 4 health services are not founded on an ideological and financial “rock”, we cannot expect anything else than perpetual compromise. The political result of this constant compromise is that health is ignored as a systematic entity. The politics of smaller mutual, as in Wales and Scotland relative to England, is that something […]

Third World conditions in A&E. Wait for private options to open in th cities, but what about rural areas? We are heading there in cold as well as acute services…

The demoralised and disengaged professionals know it, and most take out private insurance to avoid poor service, have choices, and improved access, but none of this helps in emergencies. The shortage of doctors of sufficient experience at the coal face is going to cause  increasing discontent and unrest. We might have Third World conditions in A&E. […]

Bringing back fear, and suffering. A return to 19th century inequalities.. How quickly politicians destroyed what was the best safety net in the world?

The health service is becoming an apology for a service “In Place of Fear”:  A Free Health Service 1952 Chapter 5 of In Place of Fear. Aneurin Bevan is in shame.. No politician seems to be able to address the fundamentals – “What is a health service for, and what is it better that it […]

If the NHS really is the envy of the world, why don’t countries copy it?

Mark Littlewood from the Institute of Economic Affairs asks 20th December in the Times: If the NHS really is the envy of the world, why don’t countries copy it? As Christmas wishes go, mine is pretty modest. Of course, a complete end to war, disease and famine across the globe would be wonderful. But if I […]

World class cancer care (and Mental Health care) is possible, if we ration the high volume low cost treatments…

Nick Triggle for the BBC asks “Cancer care: Is world class status a distant dream?” on 25th October 2016.  Not only is current care well below world class, but it is getting embarrassing to discuss waiting times and cancer access comparisons with friends in other countries. World class cancer care (and Mental Health care) is […]