The Nuffield Trust – Workforce conclusions. The overseas doctors we import will doubtless block the opportunities for our own in 1o years time… if we do train enough.

The Nuffield Trust admits that it has not addressed geographical considerations, but this is addressed by overcapacity. The fact that even this year only one in 10 applicants to medical school is successful speaks volumes. We need virtual medical schools, adverse selection so that rural and poverty stricken areas are allocated a fair share of […]

London GP services crisis pending… Overseas doctors will probably fill the vacancies. Watch for private GPs and Private A&E departments in the capital…

London GP services crisis pending… Overseas doctors will probably fill the vacancies… Successive Governments have not planned for anything else. So it’s a high probability that you won’t be able to communicate with your doctor, who will not be trained in the UK, or have a cultural appreciation of “where you come from”. Welcome to […]

Rather than looking abroad for doctors, we should be looking overseas for system design solutions.

The idealists in the government have their eyes on a longer term plan. It is an altruistic and worthy ideal, and the objectives have little against them. It is the practicality and feasibility of the plan which meet with most disbelief in the professions. A lot of what doctors do could be done over the […]

A day on the frontline. Numbers of NHS doctors registering to work overseas could reach unprecedented record

On 7th December 2014 Zoe Norris wrote an account of a day in the life of a GP in the Huffington Post: The NHS Frontline – The Reality of Being a Doctor in Today’s NHS  NHSreality wishes to remind readers that nothing has changed; indeed it’s getting worse. Follow Dr Zoe Norris on Twitter: […]

The “end game” for the UKs 4 health services? The ethical issues involved in the politics of training doctors

If government does not address properly and long term the issue of recruitment and retention we are fast entering the “end game”, as repair will be too difficult. The Queens speech was an opportunity to bribe the public with short term promises, but the longer term issues were ignored. When I am dying I will […]

We have to make charges, and overseas patients are just the beginning.. The BMA motion shows just how non-representative they are.

It may seem an insignificant sum, at £5 per annum each to cover overseas visitors to the UK who need (or engineer) health needs, but this is just the thin end of the wedge. We need co-payments according to means as well as treatment according to need. The nature of the BMA means that it […]

Despite “run through” blackmail, a large majority of doctors are opting out and taking a career break.

Despite “run through” training blackmail, a large majority of doctors are opting out and taking a career break. The Foundation Programme was first proposed by England’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Sir Liam Donaldson in 2002…. Some countries, (India) use financial measures to entice their doctors to work for the state for their first 5 years. […]

Overseas staff are desperately needed. Why can’t we provide them ourselves? The populism and emergence of “fascist” tendencies will make things worse..

Lets start with the answer to the question first. There is rationing of training places in all specialities, in nursing and in paramedical training. We need to aim at providing an overcapacity, especially now that the work-life-years of the average health service staff is declining. All 4 health services are dependent on overseas staff… The […]

GPs want to come to North East?’ Drive to boost doctors recruits just two so far

If there were an excess of GPs trained, then even allowing for emigration and part time working, there could be competition to work in practices. Long term rationing of medical school places is responsible. Alex Metcalfe reports in The Gazette 10th October 2018: GPs want to come to North East?’ Drive to boost doctors recruits […]

The freedom of movement which is inherent in our society may be threatened for doctors…. Coercion has no place in a modern society. We must train more, (long term) or buy in more from other countries (short term)…

The European Convention of Human Rights insists on ones ability as an individual to move ones labour across borders. We may well be abandoning this element of our legislature when we Brexit. However, why should only one group be punished in this way? What about teachers, architects, dentists, lawyers and surveyors? What about plumbers and […]