A “moral vacuum” at the heart: Nurses ‘have no time to show compassion’ and need a leader with a moral compass.

Chris Smyth in the Times reports 26th September: Nurses ‘have no time to show compassion’ A “moral vacuum at the heart of nursing” has left NHS staff following tick-box rules rather than trying to do the right thing for patients, a study of professional values has concluded. Nurses are so ground down that they end up […]

Nurses and pharmacists to replace GPs for 1 in 4 visits

The highest risk situations in General Practice are when seeing patients without records, when complex elderly people who may have communication difficulties are seen alone, and when there is no chaperone and /or a language/communication problem. Telephone triage may weed out the most risky cases, and reserve these for the GP, notes may be available […]

There is no “psychological contract” any longer… Compassion – not bullying is needed. “Workforce crisis may be irreversible”…

Nick Triggle reports for BBC News 10th June 2016: NHS staff crisis ‘worse than cash woes’ and all of us in the professions know this to be true. Compassion – not bullying is needed now… for both doctors and patients. (Not for politicians). The high standards of communication and consultation skills will not be met with emergency doctors […]

In an undercapacity market who can blame the nurses or doctors? £190m is “comeuppance” for politicians. NHS nurse recruitment from EU ‘too aggressive’!

All’s fair in love and war, and there is a recruitment war for highly skilled medical personnel in the EU. undercapacity over decades has led to highly priced locums. It is ironic that it is conservatives for whom this has come home to roost (Market led philosophy), but in reality it was all political parties […]

Recruiting foreign nurses ‘frustrating and expensive’: British Nurses should cash in on the bonanza

British nurses with desirable high specialty skills such as A&E and Intensive Care should cash in on their opportunity. Travelling a few miles or even a few hours could boost earnings considerably. The employer benefits from knowledge of training quality, probity, professionalism and communications skills – as this is often absent for long periods if these nurses are not appointed. It […]

Seven Princess of Wales Hospital nurses suspended in records inquiry

BBC Wales news reports 12th May 2014: Seven nurses have been suspended on suspicion of falsifying records at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, it has emerged. All staff begin their career with altruism. Maintaining the altruism through the management and performance quagmire that is the average District General or Psychiatric Hospital under financial pressures and […]

It’s the shape of the GP’s job that needs to change. The pharmacist will see you now: overstretched GPs get help…The fundamental ideology of the Health Services’ provision. Funding of this type admits 30 years’ manpower planning failure

In a tacit admission of 30 years’ manpower planning failure, Simon Stevens/Mark Drakeford  have ridden to the rescue. But this is only a sticking plaster – and for England and Wales differently. There is no suggestion of how to make a GPs work less intense, and how the new resources will change the “shape of the job”. […]

How did we get to this? What manpower planning failure. Please let Health Service visas be dependent on good language and cultural awareness.. and integration

There is an enormous and decade long shortage of doctors. A temporary fix, as in the 1950s will be needed, but how is it that we have let history repeat itself? The media should be asking what is wrong with the process whereby we reject 9/11 applicants for medicine (rationing), and then are recruiting 40% […]

Locked away – An alarming rise in mental-health sectioning in Britain

I have heard, informally, that the number of “emergency” sections, with only one doctor and a relative or social worker is also increasing. It would be interesting to know the numbers of such sections under the mental health act by each UK region for comparison. As it is we only have Englands’. The Economist April […]

Facing an understaffing crisis….. Those rejected during the last 30 years should be asking why?

The Times second leader 20th December is telling, not only that health is second, after defence, but also in telling the truth.  Apart from the fact that there is no NHS, NHSreality concurs on every point. Doctors are “stressed out”. What is omitted is the increasing numbers of women as a percentage of the whole, […]