Cancer sufferer urges patients to stop suing NHS – No fault compensation is the answer.

NHSreality has long supported No-Fault compensation. The concept of all of us owing £1000 each in medical negligence and litigation costs is daunting. Add to this the fact that 0ver 50% of the costs go to the lawyers and the logic of no-fault compensation is evident. The trouble is the timescale for savings: this is not […]

Patient complaints hit a ‘wall of silence’ from NHS – No fault compensation would help change the culture…

In a relatively wealthy and litigious society liberal values demand that the individual can sue in tort. However the society we live in cannot afford the compensation losses. The answer is no fault compensation (NFC), already recommended in Scotland. Individual cases such as that of Malcolm Green (see below) are legion, across the country, and […]

Litigation – The rising tsunami is swamping us all.. NHSreality lists all the posts on litigation in the two years of existence. NFC (No fault compensation) is essential.

Kat Lay in The Times on 26th December 2014 reports: Lawyers under attack for £250m NHS fees bonanza With litigation costing us all around £20 per head, and rising exponentially, there will be a great advantage to the Scots if they can bring in “no fault compensation” (NFC). This was rejected by the old NHS in 1966, […]

NHS faces crisis in litigation as well as A&E. Introduce no fault compensation (NFC)?

The Times letters 12th November reports: ‘The needs of many patients suffering suboptimal outcomes would be better served by a system of no-fault compensation’ Sir, Medical litigation costs in the NHS are on the brink of destroying entire services. The situation in obstetrics (report, Nov 8) is by no means unique. This and other high-risk […]

The “burning deck”…. A great opportunity for no-fault compensation. Paying for Grandpa – how to pay for it all

The Mirror and all the other newspapers, BBC and all TV/Radio reported this week the words of our Hospital Inspector (England): NHS ‘on a burning platform’ with patients at risk warns England’s top hospital inspector – Professor Sir Mike Richards warned thanks to rising demand and “economic pressures” safety remains a “real concern“. Damien Gayle […]

Medical legal costs ‘excessive and should be capped’ – but no-fault compensation ignored…

On 28th June BBC News reported: Medical legal costs ‘excessive and should be capped’ and Jon Ungoed-Thomas and Sarah-Kate Templeton in the Times on the same day reported: Cap on lawyers’ huge NHS fees The answer is no-fault compensation as in several other countries. The longer it is delayed the more expensive it will become. (NHS spends […]

Invidious options: to have to choose between fears is not necessary.

In Place of Fear (A Free Health Service 1952 Chapter 5 In Place of Fear), citizens are asked to choose between two fears: cancer or emergencies. Which is the greatest will be different for different individuals… As a 66 year old man my chances are greatest for Ischemic Heart Disease, but I have also had […]

Your GP notes and their contents are owned by the Secretary of State for Health in your Region. Not by you..

The Implications of the articles initiated by Kingsley Manning (Ex NHS England Digital Chief) are that patients are unaware of their note ownership. Some may prefer otherwise, but most people trust their administrators not to abuse the information database. Are they right? It might not be long before a drama is written detailing potential abuse […]

Who wants to be a GP? Rebuiling Trust is not just needed for juniors… The NHS: How bad will it get?

Recruitment has been an increasing problem since 2001. Junior doctors shun general practice. Recently: Now GP recruitment problems affecting patients, doctors tell MSPs in Scotland Fears abound in the profession, and some are related to the privatisation of primary care by default. Margaret MaCartney opines Margaret McCartney: General practice is going the way of NHS […]

An effective infrastructure has been destroyed. Even if the debate were to start now the winter will be a long one……

Until the politicians stop being in denial, and recent reporting indicates this will continue, NHSreality agrees with Hugh Pym. Furthermore we offer a solution, but it is through a national debate for a fragmented and demoralised health service, with fearful and cowered staff. As with all big solutions, the infrastructure needs to be in place […]