The potential risk for blackmail – think about your medical records when you are young. Are you ambitious to be famous?

Imagine you have a 1960s and Bohemian past, with many social and sexual diseases, and an ongoing need for treatment. You then become a “personality” and are famous, even to a small group of experts/aficionados. You could easily be blackmailed – over and over again. The thread to politicians and democratic freedoms is self-evident. The potential […]

No party is offering a credible alternative….. the future of the 4 UK Health Services may lie in social media

Richard Vize in The Guardian 25th Feb 2017 offers: “The NHS is struggling. Labour must offer a credible health policy” , but as we know from NHSreality’s 4 years, none of the political parties is prepared to talk and answer questions honestly. There are occasional managed releases of “good news”, ( Portsmouth News 19th Feb 2017: Cancer […]

NHS data-sharing project scrapped – another opportunity missed..

Smitha Mundasad reports for BBC news that the “NHS data-sharing project scrapped”…. 7th July 2015. No surprise there then, continuing the story of failures in IT. The Litigation risk is only part of the issue.. Government does not have the confidence of the professionals working for it, and they no longer believe it is built […]