As seen from USA Nationalisation of Health gives worse outcomes…… than the G7 excluding USA!

The idea that nationalised health care is worse than no health care, which applies to 40% of working American citizens is laughable. Yes, for those with cover the US system is better, especially for the elderly on retirement incomes, but it excludes so many. But against Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway, the […]

Mental Health post code differences, and thats without Wales, Scotland and N Ireland. Nothing National about mental health..

Tom Whipple reports in the Times 14th May 2019: Mental health patients ‘are put at risk by NHS postcode lottery’ A postcode lottery for mental health services leaves vulnerable people in some regions struggling with little more than half the NHS funding of those in the best-resourced areas, according to research from the mental health […]

The four GP dispensations / jurisdictions. Nothing “national” about GP contracts.

There is nothing “national” about the GP contracts around the UK. The only way to ensure adequate supply is to train enough. NHSreality believes we should aim at overcapacity to ensure both supply and financial control. The contracts seem to endorse “private practice” but at the same time stop GP premises being used at all […]

“National” child database is actually Regional. What a shame that only England will benefit.

One of the four jurisdictions / dispensations in the UK (England) is setting up something that I at least assumed was happening already. That this new database excludes Scotland, Wales and N Ireland is evident. So will the press and media point this out? Of course not. The reality is that there is no NHS. […]

The Health Service is no longer National, and there is blatant finacial rationing because Wales has not paid up!

Any illusions that there is still a “National” health service have been destroyed today. The news that Welsh patients will not be welcome at their normal English (Over the border) hospital has been coming for some time. See the entries from NHSreality below those for the news from various sources in Wales and Chester as […]

Nationalise drug research to fight superbugs, urges expert – not the person paying!

Drug research is “high risk”. Should this risk be taken by government and politicians or not? Should the decision not to spend our taxes on such a risky project be taken by the whole house of commons, or by the people in a referendum? Of course not. The suggestion is just stupid. Better use of […]

The current absense of law on assisted dying is divisive…. We need a national solution

In the past NHSreality has called for new legislation around assisted dying. Canada and Holland have both led the way in this aspect of individual liberty. The numbers in those countries are not enormous, and they have peaked. The number of people using the “Dignitas” service in other countries (Switzerland) is increasing and is now […]

GP pension boost may halt exodus: why when “the NHS ….is the least national health service in the developed world, an insult to the memory of Aneurin Bevan.”?

The idea that successive governments bear responsibility for the manpower crisis has not occurred to the media it seems. Whilst the stressed out GPs, denied access to quick diagnostic tests, have a choice: they can “live with uncertainty” in an increasingly litigious world, or refer. Which choice they make determines the efficiency of the 4 […]

170,000 victims, and nobody takes the blame!! Typical of a nationalised health service…

Just as we need to change the onus of proof on Agricultural products, we need to do the same with non drug medical products. The licensing of the mesh repair products is a case in point, and all 4 health systems should be ashamed of not reporting side effects and complications systemically (all together). The […]

Mr madam’s approach to a national shortage of diagnostic skills is understandable, but only partly truthful.

Arvind Madam, head of primary care for England, obviously lived in a city. Whilst it is good to raise standards in denser populations, and large teams can offer more, the problem in our rural and deprived areas is simply access. A friend tried to get an appointment in my old surgery this week, and was told […]