No party is offering a credible alternative….. the future of the 4 UK Health Services may lie in social media

Richard Vize in The Guardian 25th Feb 2017 offers: “The NHS is struggling. Labour must offer a credible health policy” , but as we know from NHSreality’s 4 years, none of the political parties is prepared to talk and answer questions honestly. There are occasional managed releases of “good news”, ( Portsmouth News 19th Feb 2017: Cancer charity welcomes NHS pledge on stem cell treatment ) whenever possible, but these are mere distractions. Management at the top recognises this, and hence is demoralised and allows errors such as letter, note, and data loss. It appears this was manual records, and IT systems could be much safer, as long as such were not managed and designed internally..Breach of security in national diagnostic indexes may follow…  No politician or party is offering a credible alternative to the current rules of the game: Everything for everyone for ever…..Therefore the future of the 4 UK Health Services may lie in the pressure built up by social media.

Image result for dishonest politics cartoon…and the perverse incentives may make patients lie as well. The post-truth medical world is really here in the UK today.

Image result for health lies cartoon

….The manner of Labour’s defeat in Copeland is instructive. It took the most emotionally charged line possible, on an issue of great local sensitivity, on its signature issue of the National Health Service, and lost to the government.

Yet the defeat came as evidence mounts that all three of the drivers of current NHS policy – quality and efficiency improvements under the Five Year Forward View, reconfiguration of local health systems under the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) process, and devolution, are in difficulty.

NHS accused of covering up huge data loss that put thousands at risk – Exclusive: More than 500,000 pieces of patient data between GPs and hospitals went undelivered between 2011 and 2016

Pithed politicians collude in unsafe care, ministers told

NHS data-sharing project scrapped – another opportunity missed..

Health service ‘at risk of sudden collapse’ – and the honest debate has yet to occur

Happy 2017: …politicians’ ‘persistent, blinkered denial’ – Say no to a post-truth health service

Image result for dishonest politics cartoon

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