Excess deaths in 2015 (30,000) may be linked to failures in health and social care

A recent paper published in the Journal of the Royal Society has claimed that a recent rise in the number of deaths in January of 2015  may be down to cuts in health and social care funding . With the current level of funding the NHS and social care in the UK is on a trajectory towards catastrophic failure , perhaps that is all part of the envisaged endgame of  Tory health policy. Abandonment of the health and social safety net and the return of fear ? Conspiracy or neglect? Denial either way…

Image result for death by neglect cartoon

Reporting their analysis in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Professor Danny Dorling, and colleagues from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine…….

“The year 2015 saw an unprecedented rise in mortality in England and Wales – the greatest rise for almost 50 years – with a particularly large spike seen in January. Explanations presented up until now do not conclusively explain that rise, but do provide serious cause for concern, with the deaths occurring in the context of massive disinvestment in both health and social care, and almost all NHS performance markers falling below their targets. The possibility that the cuts to health and social care are implicated in almost 30,000 excess deaths is one that needs further exploration. Given the relentless nature of the cuts, and potential link to rising mortality, we ask why is the search for a cause not being pursued with more urgency? Rising mortality is concentrated amongst those groups most reliant on such spending.”


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