Getting to see YOUR GP is getting harder…

An article from PULSE magazine , what is astounding is that 85% of patients still rate their experience as good when the wheels are falling off the bus… link below 

A response to the article from an Irish GP

The latest GP Patient Survey has revealed that the number of patients who regularly get to see their preferred GP continues to decline. 

NHS England’s ‘GP Patient Survey – National summary report’, carried out by Ipsos MORI, found that nearly half of patients (49.2%) have a GP they prefer to see – while just over a third (35.3%) ‘always or almost always’ get to see this GP. This figure has fallen from 41.9% in July 2012 and from 36.7% in July 2015.

The survey also found that only 8.3% of patients ‘never or almost never’ get to see their preferred GP.

Other findings included one in four patients – 26% – saying that it was not easy to get through to someone at the GP surgery on the phone.

It also revealed that 19.3% of patients who were able to get an appointment saw or spoke to someone a week or more later – 0.8% up on July 2015 (18.5%).

Overall, patient satisfaction levels practically mirror last year’s figures. Some 85.2% of patients described the overall experience of their GP surgery as ‘good’ – 0.4% higher than the 2014-15 results.

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