When will sports administrators wake up to the need to protect the brain from injury

Update 14th May 2018: Tom Whipple in the Times May 8th Blow to head ‘can double dementia risk’

First boxing , American Football ,  Rugby union  now Football finally football catches up with the pressing need to remove head impact from sport.

From the BBC NEWS WEBSITE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-36419372

The Football Association will lead a study into possible links between football and brain diseases.

The family of former England, West Brom and Notts County striker Jeff Astle has campaigned for research since he died from brain trauma in 2002.

A coroner described his illness as an “industrial disease”, in reference to him heading leather balls.

The FA said it was working with the Professional Footballers’ Association to secure funding for the research.

It said it had been in talks with organisations, including Fifa, since 2014 but wanted to press on with the research and it had “now been agreed that solely UK-based research could give us an opportunity to work with other sports”……


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