Some words from the USA that strike a chord with Doctors in the UK

Link to original full article below

“The doctor’s autonomy is now nonexistent,” one doctor lamented. “We are being dictated to by insurance companies, hospital administrators, national medical boards, and state medical boards. We are being recurrently credentialed by the same entities. All of this constrains our ability to perform as physicians. We are cogs in a system designed for the maximum profitability. There is no continuity of care, and younger doctors are perfectly happy to work from 9 to 5. Mindfulness training and yoga can’t cure those problems. There has to be mass action to get insurance companies, politicians, and government out of the practice of medicine, and physicians need to take back their responsibilities.”

……… a physician wrote. “The problem is a crisis of professional identity, work overload, powerlessness, and job insecurity. We are responsible for the operational capacity of the system [and] are held accountable for all the outcomes, but have little say in how decisions are made and the direction in which things are going. The only effective treatment is physician independence! The employment model is bad for patients and bad for healthcare costs. Worst of all, it is destroying physicians. Burnout is a symptom, not the problem. We are not suffering burnout. We are suffering because of feelings of helplessness and deep dissatisfaction.”

This applies in  the NHS but with different titles to each of the factors implicated above substitute NICE / NHSE / Jeremy hunt and the DOH / LHB/GMC /    etc etc

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