Medical students likely to quit UK

A recent BMA survey of medical students found many ready to move abroad to improve their post graduate opportunities, perhaps a few more will leave or  move into other post  graduate opportunities as the inequities of the new contract drive away those planning on starting families or working part-time.What cannot be underestimated is the profound effect this dispute has had on morale and  the future thinking of many of our most highly trained graduates .


From DOCTORS.NET full article here

Medical students ready to quit England over contract 18 22/04/2016

Many medical students are thinking of dropping out of medicine because of the junior contract dispute, a survey shows today.

As many as 82% of students said they would be “less likely” than before to make their medical career in England in the survey conducted by the British Medical Association.

And some 34.3% said they would now “less likely” to continue their career in medicine.

The survey found the majority of students are now considering working outside of the UK or moving to jobs in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland – or working in the private sector.

Some 94% of students said their enthusiasm for working in the NHS had reduced because of the dispute.

Some 1,197 students took part in the survey.

BMA medical student committee chair Charlie Bell said: “The fact that such large numbers of medical students are considering abandoning medicine altogether or working outside the NHS in England shows how far ministers have eroded the trust of the future generation of doctors.

“Almost every medical student surveyed said they were less enthusiastic about working in the NHS……….



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