Non-executive director appointments to NHS Improvement

From the DOH more appointees with little interest in real reform of the health service and probably just a nod towards a gong and a life peerage drawing down expenses from the taxpayer ?

April 2016

Non-executive director appointments to NHS Improvement

Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, Laura Carstensen and Richard Douglas have been appointed as non-executive directors of NHS Improvement for 4 years from 1 April 2016. Richard Douglas will also have responsibility for chairing the Audit and Risk Committee, a joint committee of Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA).

NHS Improvement brings together Monitor, the NHS TDA and patient safety and improvement functions from across the NHS framework, under one single leadership and operating model, and a single board.

These appointments will involve a time commitment of 2 to 3 days per month. Remuneration for the roles will be at a rate of £7,883 per annum, with the chair of the Audit and Risk Committee receiving £13,137 per annum.

Following changes to regulations (which came into force on 1st April 2016), NHS Improvement non-executive directors have been formally appointed to both Monitor and the NHS TDA boards. As a result, from the 1 April 2016, the following people will also be appointed as non-executives of both Monitor and the NHS TDA, with their time commitment and remuneration for both roles combined remaining the same:

  • Lord Ara Darzi, Lord Patrick Carter and Sigurd Reinton, currently Monitor non-executive directors, will also be appointed to the NHS TDA
  • Sarah Harkness and Caroline Thomson, currently NHS TDA non-executive directors, will also be appointed to Monitor.

These appointments are made in accordance with the Code of Practice for Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies, issued by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. The appointments are made on merit and political activity played no part in the selection process. However, in accordance with the original Nolan recommendations, there is a requirement for appointees’ political activity (if any declared) to be made public. Professor Breakwell, Laura Carstensen, Richard Douglas, Sigurd Reinton, Sarah Harkness and Caroline Thomson have not declared any political activity. Lord Carter is a Labour Peer. Professor Lord Ara Darzi of Denham is a Labour peer and former Labour Minister.

Professor Breakwell is also a non-executive director of the Student Loans Company and a non-executive director of the Economic and Social Research Council. Laura Carstensen is also a commissioner of the Equality & Human Rights Commission and a trustee of the National Museums Liverpool. Lord Carter is also chair of the Property Advisory Panel and a member of the cross-government Efficiency and Reform Board.


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