“Moronic” cap on agency fees sees Departments close and operations cancelled …. Come on Jeremy grow a pair and resign

An article from the Telegraph ( Torygraph to most punters) once again outlining how imposition of Stalinist policies like caps on agency fees simply amplifies the effect of years of failed manpower planning . Link below to full article

Cap on agency nurses sees transplant operations cancelled at major NHS trust as doctors warn lives are at risk

Transplant operations have been cancelled and wards closed at one of the country’s flagship teaching hospitals following short-staffing, blamed on a clampdown on agency pay.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust has been forced to close two critical care units at Leeds General Infirmary and St James’ University Hospital because of an inability to find sufficient numbers of nurses.

Senior clinical professionals said services were now “teetering on the edge of collapse.”

It comes after a hospital said it is being forced to close an Accident & Emergency department at night because the cap has left it short of half the key doctors needed. The decision followed attempts to see if the army could step in…….


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