Most lucrative degree qualifications

What are these well paid Junior Doctors moaning about ? compared to their other graduate peers they appears to do very well indeed. However I anticipate this does not reveal the full extent of hidden costs of being a junior doctor … Examinations can set you back £2-3 K  per attempt , Much of the time is spent working antisocial hours putting up with some diabolical conditions , ever more antagonistic management and regulation by fear .

for example a  survey of core surgical trainees has shown that the average cost of training is £10 240, including both mandatory and additional courses


Most lucrative degrees, 10 years on
Degree Women’s salaries Men’s salaries
Medicine £45,400 £55,300
Economics £38,200 £42,000
Engineering and technology £23,200 £31,200
Law £26,200 £30,100
Physical Sciences £24,800 £29,800
Education £24,400 £29,600
Architecture £22,500 £28,600
Maths and Computer science £22,000 £26,800
Business £22,000 £26,500
History and philosophy £23,200 £26,500
Social sciences £20,500 £26,200
Biological sciences £23,800 £25,200
European languages and literature £26,400 £25,000
Linguistics and classics £23,200 £24,100
Veterinary and agriculture £18,900 £21,400
Mass communication £18,100 £19,300
Creative arts £14,500 £17,900
Base: Median annual salary
Source: IFS

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