The GMC goes beyond its mandate and enters into a political debate over the Junior Doctors Strike

Once more a politically appointed Quango sets out to intimidate the Junior doctors of the UK going beyond its mandate with implied threat of sanction for participation in the entirely legal  strike . If the GMC has exceeded it’s mandate, the Adam Smith Institute is just wrong.. The bell is tolling for the Health Services, and it’s being pulled by political despots in denial.

On the website for doctors ( an article reports: GMC pressure mounts over emergency strike 50 11/04/2016

Two senior doctors have been applying pressure on juniors to abandon the all-out strike due later this month.

Both NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh and General Medical Council chair Professor Terence Stephenson have warned of the “increased risk” from the escalation of action.

Professor Stephenson issued a statement last night saying doctors should “carefully consider the impact” the all-out strike will have on patients.

He said there would be further guidance from the GMC this week.

He said: “We are not suggesting that industrial action can never be justified, but it does become increasingly hard to justify the longer the action goes on, the more intense it becomes and the more patient care suffers as a result.”

The Guardian, which reported his statement, said many doctors in emergency care specialties would report for duty during the action.

Dr Liam Brennan, president of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, told the paper: “The prospect of all-out strike action is one of the most difficult ethical decisions any doctor could possibly have to take and I am confident that all of my junior colleagues will weigh up carefully the implications for patient welfare, the long-term interests of the NHS and the profession and the justice of their cause when considering their personal position.”

Professor Stephenson’s statement continued: “Before we reach the next day of action, doctors who are thinking about taking part should carefully consider the impact it will have on patients – both the cumulative effect and the additional risks created by withdrawing emergency cover.

“At the outset of this dispute we issued guidance to doctors in England. With the planned escalation we are in an unprecedented situation and next week we will be issuing further guidance both to doctors contemplating action as well as to senior members of the profession.

“Our guidance is based on the fundamental principle that the first concern of every doctor must be the welfare of their patients.”

Anyone interested in what the GMC is about would do well to read the following article from Vernon Coleman in The Spectator:  Meet the bloated, useless General Medical Council – It used to be little more than a clerk and a disciplinary committee; now it’s a nest of power-hungry bureaucrats

Is the Adam Smith Institute correct? Does the BMA really want fewer doctors to boost pay?

Cartoon by Sam Ben-Meir


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