GPs warned on dental antibiotics

Once again GPs take the flak for the rationing of another service , this time its dental care …

Link to full article below at DOCTORSNET and the BJGP

GPs warned on dental antibiotics 1201/04/2016

GPs have been urged to resist prescribing antibiotics for patients who turn up in their surgeries with toothache.

The call comes after a 10-year retrospective study published in the British Journal of General Practice found that more than half of all patients who visited their GP with a dental problem in were prescribed antibiotics, often unnecessarily, rather than being offered a long-term treatment for their pain.

The study, by Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, examined dental consultations in UK general practice and it found that between 2004 and 2013, the average rate of dental consultations was 6.06 per 1,000 patient-years.

During the same period, a typical GP surgery with 7,000 registered patients would have seen between 30 and 48 patients with dental problems per year.




Dental consultations in UK general practice and antibiotic prescribing rates.British Journal of General Practice April 2016; doi: 10.3399/bjgp16X684757


One thought on “GPs warned on dental antibiotics

  1. Dr Bob Grimshaw

    What were the patients with toothache even doing in the GPs’ surgeries ? We’ve tried very hard to filter them out at reception and ‘signpost’ them to the appropriate professional for relief of dental pain ! I don’t think – apart from Casualty work I had any training in management of toothache – more on facial fractures in fact AND we usually had a dental SHO at the end of the phone


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