GP trainees up as training acceptances fall

Some good news for General Practice or the realisation by trainees that GP training represents the fastest way to exit the UK’s failing medical education system ?

Link below to full article at Doctorsnet

GP trainees up as training acceptances fall 12 01/04/2016

The exodus of trainees from general practice may have been reversed, according to figures published yesterday.

Mid-year figures, released for the first time, show a very slight increase in take-up of specialist training places in general practice.

A year ago 69% of GP places were filled in the first round of specialty recruitment. This year 70% of places have been filled by 2,296 doctors – a total increase of 152 extra doctors taking up places.

The Health Education England figures show that psychiatry is the specialism that struggles most to attract trainee – just 67% of places have been accepted by 280 doctors. This is also a slight increase of two percentage points on last year.

Emergency medicine also shows a decline in acceptances from 325 doctors last year to 298 this year in round one – a three percentage point reduction in the acceptance rate.

Overall the figures show a small decline in doctors taking up specialty places in round one – some 89 fewer than last year or a three percentage point reduction in acceptances.




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