Hunt says Brexit would be a threat to NHS

Mr Hunt’s tries harder to remove any remaining credibility from his ministerial role with more pro EU  “claptrap” and scaremongering on an incredible scale.Perhaps we should put Mr Hunt on this T shirt ?

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What next the UK Daffodil population would be under threat from a Brexit ???

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More scaremongering from the Pro EU lobby one would think that leaving the EU was akin to adding £1 trillion to the national debt ( or selling off vast swathes of public asset  for a song …. NHS Privatisation policy , Royal Mail / Rail network / Utilities and the Proposed all schools to become Academies )chart

chart (1)

Hunt says Brexit would be a threat to NHS

Mark Gould for ONMEDICA link above to full article

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has stepped into the Brexit debate saying that a UK exit from the European Union would be bad for the NHS.

Writing in The Observer, Mr Hunt says that leaving would precipitate budget cuts, falling standards and an exodus of some 100,000 doctors and nurses.

He quotes a report by the independent Office for Budget Responsibility which says “there appears to be a greater consensus that a vote to leave would result in a period of potentially disruptive uncertainty while the precise details of the UK’s new relationship with the EU were negotiated”. He says that this period of disruption could be a risk to the NHS.

“Those wishing to leave might say this uncertainty is a price worth paying, but my concern is more practical. The NHS consumes the second biggest budget in Whitehall. Next year, thanks to this government’s success in turning around the economy, it will have the sixth biggest increase in its history.


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