A flawed regulatory process and the bodies continue to pile up ? Time to end the interrogations that blight doctors lives , a call to reform the GMC


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Article link below  , from the BMA website 

Stand by me: surviving a GMC investigation

An investigation by the GMC is a stressful experience and it can be a protracted process. Tammy Lovell reports on an initiative to help doctors cope by providing emotional support.

On the brink of losing his career and livelihood as a result of a GMC investigation, a GP found himself sinking into anxiety and overwhelmed with feelings of shame.

The overseas-qualified doctor, who we will call Dr Handen, says: ‘I didn’t know what would happen next. I wasn’t sure about anything. I was at the point of losing my job and my licence and everything I could survive from.

‘I wouldn’t be able to get any job other than [as a] doctor. It would mean someone would cut my feet off and leave me alone to walk.’

GMC investigation

Dr Handen faced an investigation after concerns were raised about his clinical skills and ability to speak English during a 360-degree appraisal.

Following a clinical governance audit, it was suggested that his primary care trust place him in a training practice so that he could become more familiar with UK practices. However, after nine months they had still failed to find him a suitable post………………….

The rest of the article is available here



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