Collapse, fear and disorder. A post-coded anarchy of lowering medical quality and standards is coming…

The level of distress and alienation among junior doctors taking strike action is a ‘matter of serious concern’, the GMC chairman has warned.

Link to article at GP magazine

Collapse and disorder. A post-coded anarchy of lowering medical quality and standards is coming… Undercapacity is the rule in 2nd and 3rd world countries, but we do not expect it in the UK. The reality has yet to strike the ublic, until they are ill themselves. Sometimes they realise when its their nearest and dearest who are rationed (restricted, excluded, prioritised, denied, delayed). Further evidence is in the articles below:

Skinhead can't get swastika right. Other man says: 'Maybe you should think about becoming an anarchist like me.'

Sarah-Kate Templeton in the Sunday Times 27th March reports on an incident/anecdote which is symptomatic of the whole. Baby death may lead to more doctors,

THE tragedy of a baby who died when no consultant was available in the hospital to help with her complicated delivery has prompted a review of staffing guidelines following the intervention of the minister for maternity care.

Ben Gummer has alerted the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to concerns raised by a coroner over the absence of a consultant obstetrician during the birth of Bonnie Strachan at Ipswich Hospital in January 2015…..

The social contract whereby staff are protected is also being challenged. The legal issues involved are explored by Dr Narinder Kapur  in The Times 18th March 2016 :Discipline in the NHS and the death of Amin Abdullah

The fear of whistleblowing is endemic. The powerful gagging which is in all but a few of the Trusts in the UK medical services is a disgrace. The disciplinary procedures are so cumbersome and pedantic that the service itself is at risk. Trusts in “special measures” are not necessarily the only ones with the problem of bullying and inept management. The perverse incentives that drive these inhibitions need to be addressed. It may be too late to do this at National level. My personal belief is that the Trusts have to be made completely independent (an acknowledgement that there is no NHS) before the whole is re-formed – under a new constitution which recognises the need for overt rationing, the encouragement of autonomy, and allows teams to determine their own destiny with pride.

Read the whole dismaying article here: Discipline in the NHS and the death of Amin Abdullah

The lack of exit interviews throughout the health services is reflected in the feelings of the cleaning staff at the Maudesley. Uncherished and undervalued. One of the problems Trust boards and CCGs have is that when services are contracted out they feel no obligation to cherish, value or listen to these staff.

Nadine Houghton on 21st March writes in the Guardian: Why we should listen to the cleaners on strike at the Maudsley hospital

In an un-rationed health service that addresses fear without reference to means, PrEP should of course be funded. It is reasonable not to fund, but unreasonable not to call this rationing.

Nicola Slawson reports in The Guardian 21st March 2016: NHS England stalls plans for HIV prevention method known as PrEP

Consultation on Truvada will now be shelved, in move sexual health charities have described as ‘shameful’ and ‘failing those at risk’ of HIV

This is just the start of civil unrest. The patients will cause a lot more problems than the doctors. Strike won’t cure sick NHS

The start of “Civil Unrest” in the Regional Health Services – as predicted by NHSreality?

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