The NHS is “running out of steam”

NHS at “edge of what is possible” 1911/03/2016


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The NHS is “running out of steam”, a senior doctor said yesterday as new figures showed it faced record pressures in January.

The service has faced rising rates of emergency admissions – together with 10% more patients in A&E departments in January than a year earlier.

Compared with a year earlier, hospitals experienced a 4.6% increase in emergency admissions in January, the NHS England figures showed.

Hospitals faced further pressure through their inability to discharge patients on time.

In January hospitals reported some 159,089 days worth of beds filled with patients awaiting discharged – nearly 9,000 more than a year earlier. NHS England said this was the second highest number in the last five years.

In spite of these pressures, only a little more than 8% of patients on waiting lists had waited for 18 weeks or longer at the end of January. The proportion of 8% is meant to be the limit…….


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