Welsh LMCs decide that a call for mass resignation is a step too far

Welsh LMCs decide that a call for mass resignation is a step too far , to be honest does anybody care what the LMCs GPC or BMA think , those with the ability to move have already left . Please turn out the lights when the last Quantas flight leaves Heathrow carrying the last UK trained GP off to the Antipodes

The article below from PULSE magazine has the details

Welsh GPs vote against ‘dangerous’ call for mass resignations

Welsh LMCs have rejected the call from the recent UK Special LMC Conference to canvass GPs about mass resignation.

In an emergency motion carried at the Welsh LMCs Conference on Saturday, GPs agreed to reject the decision after LMC leaders said it amounted to ‘dangerous brinkmanship’ that could ‘weaken GPC’s hand’. ………..


 Speaking against the emergency motion, Dr Bhupendra Patel, also from Bro Taf, called for solidarity with GP colleagues in England – reminding delegates that GPs in Wales also voted to threaten mass resignation in 2001 over the same issues of workload and recruitment.

He said: ‘We much show unity to GPC UK and really show our strength, that we are willing resign to establish the depth of the problem we have.’


However, GPC Wales deputy chair Dr David Bailey said that, while ‘we recognise absolutely the strains and stresses that led to the Special LMC Conference’, the GPC is ‘in a different place in Wales, we are not negotiating on the same contract and we are not negotiating with the same people’.

Speaking afterwards, GPC Wales chair Dr Charlotte Jones told Pulse: ‘Whilst we want to show solidarity with our UK colleagues, understanding the problems they are facing in England, actually in Wales it is a very different environment – we have a collaborative relationship with the Welsh Government, they listen to our concerns and they understand, and wants to address, the issues.’

She added: ‘There is no threat from the Welsh Government to impose any change on us… and it would be wrong to use something like this as a lever at the moment – it would be very damaging to the relationship.’

Emergency motion carried at Welsh LMC Conference 2016 – in full:

GPC UK – That Conference calls upon Welsh GPC to reject the motion passed at the Special UK LMC Conference which reads: ‘GPC should canvass GPs on their willingness to submit undated resignations.’


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