NHS “Will have to ration care” – BMA chief

The truth is we already ration health-care perhaps what Dr Porter is trying to say is that we may have to do it ” Overtly “! 

From the Guardian online

The NHS will have to ration care if the incoming government does not give it enough money to do its job properly, Dr Mark Porter has warned.

The head of the British Medical Association also contradicted the coalition’s claims that it has given the NHS in England real-terms annual increases in its funding every year since 2010.

Recent “penny-pinching, parsimonious” moves by some parts of the NHS to restrict cataract surgery and hip and knee replacements are a taste of how the service responds to a shortage of money, the British Medical Association boss said.

The NHS in England’s £20bn Nicholson Challenge over the last four years has been “painful and resulted in restrictions on care, of not only individual procedures but also patients in high-risk groups. We’ve seen people being refused care because they smoke or because they’re overweight or because they live in the wrong part of the country”, said Porter.

“We’ve seen the start of it [rationing] so far. We’ve seen limitations on services that are available and limitations on the patients it’s available for. We’ve seen postcode lotteries.”…..


The answer to its fast-worsening financial situation is to start increasing again its share of GDP, which has been falling under the coalition. It was 6.5% of GDP in 2010 but has fallen since to 6.2%, according to the Nuffield Trust, a health thinktank……..


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