Mr Hunt decision to bully doctors means they will probably leave the UK

New figures from the GMC reveal Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impose a Junior Doctor contract will have far reaching effects on medical manpower in the UK. Locum ,retire or emigrate ….. the new mantra of medicine in the UK.


 FROM Doctorsnet

Hunt imposition triggered immediate exodus – GMC 37 18/02/2016

Hundreds of doctors took steps towards working overseas when health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced he was imposing a new contract on them, it has been reported.

Some 300 doctors applied for certificates of good standing from the General Medical Council as Mr Hunt made his announcement, it emerged.

This compared with a normal daily rate of 26, the Independent reported.

Labour shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander told the paper: “Jeremy Hunt needs to come clean and explain to the public how he intends to be training the junior doctors and consultants of tomorrow when he is behaving like a recruiting agent for Australian hospitals.

“This whole sorry saga could have been avoided if Jeremy Hunt had decided to negotiate with junior doctors, rather than pick a fight with them.”

* Toughened immigration rules could lose the UK hundreds of medical school graduates a year, the BMA warned yesterday.

The BMA says new proposals will mean that doctors from overseas who train in the UK would be restricted from applying for specialist training posts until after British and European Economic Area applicants.

It says this would affect about 500 doctors a year – creating barriers to their filling specialist training posts.

An increased salary threshold, of £30,000, would also prevent these doctors from working part-time, the BMA warned.


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