Education bosses launch landmark review

General PRactice has always been the poor cousin of the hospital based specialities , however most consultants would probably struggle to cope with the complexity of being a GP as most need a good 45 minutes to sort out one problem ! GPs might have seen and dealt with 20 to 30 in that time … 90 % of the work for <8% of the resources ….. time to locum retire or emigrate ? seems the profession is doing just that. Can someone remind Jeremy to turn the lights out…

Education bosses launch landmark review into GP attitude in medical school —- PULSE magazine  2 March 2016 By

Education bosses will launch a review on attitudes and exposure to general practice in medical schools as a first step to developing a strategy for improving undergraduates’ experience of the profession.

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In a presentation of its business plan for 2016/17, Health Education England has said it was launching a review after GP leaders condemned the ‘toxic’ anti-GP culture that persists in some UK medical schools, and has seen undergraduates told if they ‘fail they risk becoming GPs.’



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