New GP deal for England.

……….worth an extra £220 million for practices, according to the BMA.

It will see an immediate end to the dementia enhanced funding scheme and there is a joint commitment between the BMA and employers to “explore” the end of the Quality Outcomes Framework and the Avoiding Unplanned Admissions scheme.

There will also be a commitment to a national strateg to cut red tape and to “manage demand” for GP services, the BMA said.

The BMA said the deal was a “step forward” but did not amount to a “clear rescue package” for GP services.

BMA GP committee chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “The BMA’s GP committee was clear from the outset that these annual variations to the contract could not resuscitate general practice from the brink of collapse following years of underfunding, rising patient demand, staff shortages and unresourced work being moved from hospitals into the community.

“These limited changes provide some immediate financial support which, for the first time in years recognises the expenses being incurred by practices and resources needed to deliver a pay uplift rather than a pay cut. There is no new clinical workload requirement or any change to QOF, and the deeply unpopular and imposed dementia DES will be removed with resources moving into core funding.”

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