NHS failing to manage clinician supply – auditors

NHS failing to manage clinician supply – auditors 2 05/02/2016

(from DOCTORSNET.org )another article points to chronic understaffing of departments and the lack of trainees required to fill such roles.A previous post on NHS reality based on a NICE report into A&E staffing levels found similar problems.



The NHS needs a coordinated and proactive approach to managing the supply of clinical staff, an official report says today.

Neither the creation of Health Education England nor government caps on agency fees are solving the problems of shortages of clinicians, according to the National Audit Office.

The report says the cap on agency fees is unlikely to deal with the underlying causes of NHS need for temporary staff.

The auditors say that overseas recruitment – linked to immigration controls – has stalled as have return to practice initiatives.

The auditors criticise Health Education England, saying it should be “more proactive in addressing the variations in workforce pressures.”

The report says that in 2014 the NHS ha a 5.9% staffing shortfall, equivalent to 50,000 clinical staff.

NAO head Amyas Morse said: “Given the size of the NHS, workforce planning will never be an exact science, but we think it clearly could be better than it is. Equally, the way in which staff shortfalls are filled can be, and often is, unnecessarily costly and inefficient.

“Since clinical staff are the NHS’s main resource and cost, these shortcomings are serious and the current arrangements do not achieve value for money.”

The NHS Employers organisation said the findings were “helpful.”

Chief executive Danny Mortimer said: “We need to move away from a model of short-term fixes through agency staff to investing in attracting the best talent to work in the NHS – both from within and outside of the EU.”


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