The Nuclear option for GPs ?

The following is an extract from Tony Copperfield’s blog for Pulse magazine explaining why he thinks the LMC vote for Mass Resignation as a form of industrial action will not work. It may actually play directly into the hands of the DOH which wishes to deconstruct the NHS ?  No mandate and no debate on policy seems the way forward for Health in the UK . The Democratic deficit strikes again .

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“………….‘nuclear option’, if not now, when? Well, the answer to that appears to be oooh, let’s say six months, shall we, by which point the GPC might begin to start contemplating, as an inkling of a possibility, a ballot/survey on undated resignations, and we’ll have had time to take all the wrapping off Mr Hunt’s famous package.


And that, let’s face it, represents a significant defusing of our big bomb – which is presumably why the media appear to have shown absolutely zilch interest in the story thus far.


But that’s not the only problem with it. The other is, it won’t work. Look, it just won’t. We can come over all Che Guevara as much as we like, but when push comes to shove, I betcha that a significant number of GPs – certainly enough to undermine the idea – just won’t do it, citing things like mortgages, school fees, food, the sudden realisation that they’ll have nowhere else to earn money and the fact that, you know what, maybe things aren’t that bad after all. It’s bluster on a huge and transparent scale.”


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