Juniors offer Hunt statistics aid

Junior doctors bring mirth to the strikes with a fitting gift to Mr J Hunt MP from the Doctorsnet website 

Juniors offer Hunt statistics aid 1922/01/2016

Junior doctors have urged health secretary to brush up on his statistics, accusing him of misquoting medical research on weekend working.

A group of doctors made their point yesterday by delivering an eight foot high version of a classic medical text book to the Department of Health.

The book “How to Read a Paper” is by GP Professor Trisha Greenhalgh.

The doctors delivered a letter with the book – stating there is “no objective evidence” to link weekend mortality rates to medical staffing.

Anaesthetist Nadia Masood told the Daily Mirror: “With the doctors’ strike, the NHS is in the news everywhere and government ministers – not just Jeremy Hunt but the Prime Minister too – have been using statistics incorrectly.

“The public are being led to believe weekend care in hospitals is not safe and if they have a stroke they won’t be safe to come in. p> “We’re beginning to see patients avoiding and delaying coming to hospital at the weekend and coming to harm.”

Professor Greenhalgh said: “To use data uncritically is irresponsible. To use data irresponsibly for political purposes is unethical and could lead to deaths.”

A Department of Health spokesman said: “There is clear clinical evidence that standards of care are not uniform across the week – the Freemantle study in the BMJ and clinical evidence from NHS England show that stroke patients have a 20% greater risk of dying if admitted at the weekend.”

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