The NHS is facing an exodus of senior hospital doctors as new figures show that more than 80% may retire early because of work-related stress

According to a survey by Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association ( HCSA) the stress on Consultants and Associate specialists is reaching breaking point (link to original survey results (This contains the results of an HCSA survey of 817 senior hospital doctors on the impact of workplace stress, conducted between August 27th 2015 and September 8th 2015))

Who cares for the carers? HCSA hospital doctors’ stress survey reveals shocking results

…….More than 800 consultants and specialists responded in order to be able to relate their experiences of life on the front line.

The results are stark – painting a bleak picture of relentless and rising stress, pressure from senior management, relationship breakdown and ill-health among consultants. Against the backdrop of the government push for a ‘cost neutral’ shift to seven-day hospital services the findings are more worrying still. They also suggest a potential, highly damaging exodus of experienced consultants, with more than eight in 10 respondents revealing that the current levels of stress had caused them to re-evaluate their retirement plans.



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