Jeremy Hunt and the DOH attempt Stalinist refrain on locum pay in the NHS?

£93.49 an hour apparently what the NHS pays a locum consultant well thats MARKET FORCES for you seems to suit a Tory government just fine when they are helping their mates dip into the taxpayers cash through “commissioning and tendering ” processes in the NHS, how about £454,000/year for an NHS Chief exec equating to £250hr approx ? No attempt to rein in the ever growing gap between bosses and their workforces so sod off Jeremy H and David C whats good for the goose…….. either implement pay restraint for your mates and their hideously bloated salaries … or put up and shut up with market forces driving up locum fees in the NHS.


Table 1: Price caps, expressed as percentage uplift to current AfC/basic pay maximum rates Proposed date of introduction Group 1: Junior doctors Group 2: Other clinical staff Group 3: Non-clinical staff Foundation year 1 and 2 doctors, registrars Consultants, other doctors, nurses (all bands), AHPs, healthcare scientists, other clinical staff Administration and clerical, infrastructure, other nonclinical staff 23 November 2015 + 150% + 100% + 55% 1 February 2016 + 100% + 75% + 55% 1 April 2016 + 55% + 55% + 55% 1.10 The price caps are intended to support trusts when they procure from agencies and to encourage staff to return to permanent and bank working. They should enable trusts to manage their workforce in a more sustainable way, reduce reliance and expenditure on agency staffing, raise quality and improve the working environment for their staff. 1.11 The price caps represent the absolute maximum that trusts could pay and should not be interpreted as standard or default rates. Trusts would want to, and should, continue to secure the majority of agency and bank staff at rates below the price caps. Where trusts currently pay agency staff below the capped rates, they would be required not to exceed the rates they currently pay.

Mind the Pay Gap: UK’s Top Bosses Earn 131 Times More Than Their Employees
Ian Silvera headshot By Ian Silvera
August 18, 2014 10:24 BST
The UK’s top bosses are paid around 131 times that of their average employee, according to research from the High Pay Centre.

The thinktank highlighted the dramatic rise in executive pay in relation to most UK workers over the past three decades.

The High Pay Centre compared pay for FTSE 100 chief executives recorded by companies in their annual reports to figures for average pay at each company, provided by Pensions and Investment Research Consultants, in order to calculate the ratios.

High Pay Centre: Time to Cap Top Bosses’ Runaway Salaries by Shane Croucher, July 14, 2014

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