Another doctor suicide an angry response …. Time to campaign to Abolish or Reform the GMC ?

Is it time for the medical profession to grow some balls and campaign to abolish or significantly reform this STASI – esque organisation which has been associated with numerous suicides amongst doctors under investigation ?

Quite frankly the impositions made on this doctor ( see story below)  and the manner in which he was dealt with would have been intolerable in any other walk of life or profession , the answer is abolition of the GMC ( General Medical Council ) and replacement with a properly funded ( not by the profession ) independent board that is fully answerable to the law and properly regulated not a Quasi judicial kangaroo court as things presently stand. Following a recent review frankly moronic recommendations were made to the profession such as “resilience training” ( we are not combat troops preparing for Afghanistan ) quite frankly it is once again a case of  ” Lions led by donkeys”. this article does not call for a chaotic unregulated medical profession but one that is regulated with compassion and empathy not tyranny.

Unfortunately the problem of physician suicide is not confined to the UK similar problems with a heavy handed regulator plagues doctors in the US too read the report from the US here .

“What’s most important is for depressed doctors and those thinking about suicide to know they are not alone. Doctors need permission to cry, to open up, to be emotional. There is a way out of the pain. And it’s not death………Compassion and empathy work wonders. More than once, a doctor has disclosed that a kind gesture by a patient has made life worth living again. So give your doctor a card, a flower, a hug. The life you save may one day save you.” ( July 14, 2014). Wible is an author and board-certified family physician in Eugene, Oregon.

'The new hidden cameras will allow us to see if anyone is violating our privacy policy by reading someone else's email.'

I have reproduced the article in full below from pulse magazine & credit to  Cavendish Press (Manchester)

GP trainee died by suicide after fearing GMC suspension

A newly-qualified GP voted ‘Trainee GP of the Year’ hanged himself after fearing he would be struck off by the GMC for failing an alcohol test, an inquest heard.Dr James Halcrow, 34, had been warned by the GMC not to drink after he self-referred for ‘other issues he was having’, which resulted in restrictions on his practice, the court heard.This included the GMC imposing a ban on drinking alcohol, but he worried that due to his socialising he might fail a blood test.His body was found by friends in his apartment in Manchester on 24 June alongside a note which said: ‘I’m sorry.

The coroner concluded that it was ’reasonable to rely on [a potential GMC suspension] as a factor in James taking his own life’Dr Halcrow was voted ’Trainee GP of the Year’ by fellow trainees at the North West Deanery, the court was told.The inquest heard that Dr Halcrow, who qualified as a GP in 2013, was deeply affected by the restrictions as the ban curbed his normally active social life.He attended two interviews with the GMC which went well, but on a third and final interview he said he would drink socially once the restriction was lifted.Dr Halcrow believed one interviewer had taken a dim view of this and he feared the restrictions wouldn’t be lifted.He had gone also out with friends and drunk ‘one or two drinks’ during the period of restriction, also knew he may fail an alcohol test because of the social drinking.After his death, his family learnt Dr Halcrow had been made ‘trainee GP of the year’.Shortly before his death, Dr Halcrow told his friend Paul Fleetwood, who owned the Manchester flat, that he was worried about the restrictions not being lifted, the hearing was told.He said that in his third interview a psychiatrist had taken a ‘very dim view’ of his admission that he would drink socially if they were lifted.Reaching a conclusion of suicide, coroner Jean Harkin described Dr Halcrow as a ‘remarkable young man’.

She said: ‘The GMC would have been aware he may have been consuming alcohol. That would have meant his restrictions would not have been lifted and James would have been aware of this.‘It is clear James was an excellent doctor, so much so he was given an award. He was very sociable and this restriction affected him deeply and affected the social side of his life also.‘It is clear James was looking forward to the restriction being lifted so he could partake in the consumption of alcohol if he wanted to. It is also clear he was deeply upset with his last interview with the GMC.‘It is also clear he would have known his alcohol consumption may have shown up in the last test he did and it seems reasonable to rely on that as a factor in James taking his own life.’It comes as the GMC is reviewing its fitness-to-practise procedures after finding that 28 doctors had died by suicide while under investigation between 2005 and 2013.

Niall Dickson, chief executive of the GMC, said: ‘Dr James Halcrow’s death is a terrible tragedy – he was a young doctor with a bright future in the profession.

‘It would be wrong for me to comment on the details of this extremely sad case. What I can say is we are determined to do everything we can to reduce the pressure and anxiety for doctors in our procedures. It will always be a stressful experience but we want to offer whatever support we can to help them through the process.

‘We have a duty to protect the public but we want to make sure that the procedures we have to follow in our investigations are as sensitive and compassionate as possible. Where there are concerns about the health of a doctor, our aim is to get them back to work as soon as it is safe to do so.’

Credit: Cavendish Press (Manchester)

1 thought on “Another doctor suicide an angry response …. Time to campaign to Abolish or Reform the GMC ?

  1. ytimba Post author

    Further reading
    The Tyranny of Perfection
    by Danielle Ofri

    Two newly minted doctors—dead within days of each other. Both took their lives leaping off the roofs of institutions of medical learning last month. The raw pain in the medical community is palpable. We physicians involved in medical education feel responsible for these students.

    Physician suicide is no surprise: Doctors have the highest suicide rates of any professional group. We know that nearly every day, at least one doctor in the United States chooses to end his or her life. But it devastates us every time. Especially when these are doctors just setting out in their careers after investing years of their life in preparation, with so much potential to help others and so much time to reap the joys and gratification of medicine.
    ………We’ve been asked for a perfection that is unachievable, yet the system acts as though the expectation is eminently reasonable. It’s no surprise that disillusionment is a prominent feature in the medical landscape today. It’s also no surprise that such burnout is associated with unprofessional behavior and more frequent errors.


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