The Reality of life as a GP plotted against expectations…… the low morale problem

The shape of the Job a personal view of how the GP job has changed since I began practising.

Subjective state of GP job

A survey carried out for the BMA of GP morale in 2014 is shown below in graph form.

GPmorale 2014

GP Morale (2014)

In excess of 40% of participants in the survey expressed their morale to be either low or very low. The same percentage said that morale was moderate, with only 20% indicating that it was high or very high. A dissection of these figures across the various disciplines reveals that GPs reported a lower average morale than the other areas of practice surveyed and, equally worrying, a marked drop in morale amongst junior doctors when compared to previous quarters.(how prescient was this survey as the Junior Doctors prepare to strike for the first time in 40 years !)

Unreal manpower planning. It’s too late for a decade. GP services face ‘retirement crisis’. It’s the shape of the job silly.


Checklist will help decide if it’s time to die – as the shape of the job has reduced, recruitment has declined…


Severe shortage of GPs is reaching crisis-point in Derbyshire – only 37% of GP training places filled – due political rationing of Medical School places 10 years ago, and the shape of the job


It was the best job in the world – for me 1979-2012 – but now there are not enough of us to cover the country


Implosion. Cynical – over 20% GPs from overseas, and 100s of places unfilled in GP training. Why not consider why?


Dr recruitment crisis deepens, especially in Wales for GPs. Too little too late… When will the media look for a scapegoat?


GP recruitment and confidence crisis



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