Further research confirms little demand for routine seven-day opening of GP practices

A recent research article in the BJGP ( British Journal of General Practice) suggests that the general public have little need for 7 day opening of their GP facilities ….. yet another waste of scare resources on a political whim.

Weekend opening in primary care: analysis of the General Practice Patient Survey ,John A Ford, Andy P Jones, Geoff Wong and Nick Steel ,

The research concludes ” Most people do not think they need weekend opening, but it may benefit certain patient groups, such as younger people in full-time work. Sunday opening, in addition to Saturday, is unlikely to improve access. ”

Chaand Nagpaul (GPs committee chair)of the BMA opines in a recent email newsletter .

“Given the Government’s pronouncements on valuing patients’ views, this study mandates it to rethink its policy on seven-day GP opening. It vindicates GPC’s consistent message to ministers to use our cash-strapped NHS budget responsibly, and not be profligate in spending it on political ideology that will take resources away from those who are the most ill and needy.”


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