Over 40% of doctors lost after foundation year training

Following on from the news that  General Practice faces a recruitment crisis it would seem that the junior doctors needed to sustain the NHS are bailing out at a very early stage of their careers the following extract is from Pulse magazine 13 November 2015 By Michelle Madsen.


There has been a dramatic fall in the number of doctors who go on to train as GPs and specialists following their foundation year, with only six out of 10 choosing to continue training.

UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) figures reveal that just 59% of medical graduates who completed their foundation year 2 went on to work in hospitals or as GPs following the completion of the course in 2014, down from 71.4% in 2011.

The survey covered over 6,980 foundation doctors in 2014, representing 95% of all F2s completing foundation training.

It is the latest blow to Health Education England’s attempts to entice medical graduates into a career in general practice – despite claims of an increase in applications for the third round of training this year.


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