Jeremy Hunt the most disliked Health Minister of all time ?

Jeremy-Hunt-NHS-alien-cartoonBMJ editor-in-chief joins criticism of Hunt – The article, published in the BMJ 2nd September 2015, reported an excess of 11,000 deaths within 30 days of hospital admission on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, as compared to admission on any other day of the week. The study authors had noted in the paper that ‘it is not possible to ascertain the extent to which these excess deaths may be preventable; to assume that they are avoidable would be rash and misleading.’ The undercapacity due to long term rationing of professionals in training is evident…. previous NHSreality posts listed below. The first weekend after changeover in August must be the worst in the year… Interesting that Wales is not going down the same line..

Dr Fiona Godlee said: ‘I am writing to register my concern about the way in which you have publicly misrepresented an academic article published in The BMJ.’  She emphasized that ‘what it does not do is apportion any cause for that excess, nor does it take a view on what proportion of those deaths might be avoidable.’

Dr Godlee noted that Mr Hunt has, on a number of occasions, told MPs and the public that excess deaths following weekend admissions to hospital were due to low staffing levels over weekend periods, implying that the excess deaths were indeed avoidable.

Two academic lecturers, Antonio de Marvao and Palak J Trivedi, recently wrote to the Cabinet Office requesting an investigation of Mr Hunt’s claims. Their letter attracted signatures from thousands of other doctors and medical students. However, Dr de Marvao said that the letter had had no effect.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: ‘There is clear independent clinical evidence of a “weekend effect” in hospitals, evidence supported by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and NHS England’s medical director, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh.’

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    Corrupt public official costing lives. No interest in humanity.,breaching minsterial code of conduct. Sharon wilson 28 marjorie waite ct Clifton York 01904626143 On 29 Oct 2015 09:32, “NHS reality. An NHS soapbox. Speakers’ corner for


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