What’s life as a GP really like down-under?

As the pressure on UK GP’s reaches breaking point many have already left for a new life Down- under. Here is the feedback from a few of  those who have already left …. The endgame as a result of rationing by undercapacity over many years..

Sydney is awesome. Living on the Northern Beaches near Manly now and absolutely loving it. Australia was a fantastic move and I haven’t looked back. Working as a GP here is very refreshing and would recommend it highly!’

‘Well city life won for me and I love Newtown. 15 mins to work in the city by car. Lots of great shops and cafes etc. In fact, I love Australia! Re GMC – I’m changing to no licence to practice as I’m not planning to move back.’


Adelaide is an awesome city for family – distances short, schools excellent and cultural as well…I’ve been here 7 years. The beaches are incredible and the wine rocks…

Cronulla for a beach life has lots of cafe shops. Rent for a 2 bed flat 5 mins walk to the beach and train to city about 55 mins costs $475 a week.‘I hear Mornington Peninsula is beautiful.

Melbourne is 5 times bigger than London with half the population so 10 times less dense…I live in Port Melbourne. Am at work….another writes ‘I’ve got my interview tomorrow am for a Melbourne post so hopefully join you soon.’ UK GPs seem to congregate in the same apartment block in Melbourne!

“Clinically, general practice in Australia is not dissimilar to the UK. The types of cases are similar, but with potential for wider scope, for example minor injuries and plastering, particularly in rural areas.

The role of nurses here is much more variable and is evolving. The gatekeeping role of the GP has less of a focus in Australia and there is more clinical freedom in prescribing and making referrals. Access to diagnostics is also much easier.

The workload is less intense here, with most GPs offering 15-minute appointments and the demand for home visits not as great. The amount of paperwork GPs are required to do in Australia is significantly less in comparison with the UK.”

How much can I expect to make?

r0_0_1280_720_w1200_h678_fmaxA recent job advert offered approx 40k more than the average GP partner pay for a lot less worry and hassle ( administration makes up a huge amount of the time spent at work  as a partner).

LocationGold Coast, Queensland

Salary65% of billings – Income approx $300k AUD (£140K)
Below are some comments from GP’s  working in Australia 


‘I was told via the practice partner the average is 250 after their 40% cut.

‘AUTONOMY is everything. You should work WHEN you want and HOW you want. The numbers for earnings will not easily come in the 1st year – once the patient base is settled and you have a long term client base and do all the chronic disease management, then it will be lucrative. The money will come but the ability to work when and how you want is worth its weight in gold.’
‘Una, it depends on the practice and percentage of earnings given to you by the business owner. One can easily make up to $8,000 ie £4,000 per week if one chooses to work 6 days. Some practices promise big earnings but do not deliver and some doctors can earn as little as £2,000 per week. Earning £100,000 annually is ok here without working too hard but without a pension, people here invest in real estate instead.’


‘Dear Jezza

I’m never coming back from AUSTRALIA!! I made £200k last year, when I worked for your predecessor I was a miserable GP partner aged 33 burning out for around £100k. My wife never saw me, my kids were in bed when I got home and all I had the energy to do after work was sleep. You can keep your crappy contract, you can keep your crappy ideas….

I just don’t give a sh&t anymore. IM FREE. Free from your dictates, free from the guilt and shame at working hard and trying to make a better life for my wife kids, I’m free from the garbage mentality that it pervading Britain, the culture of entitlement………….. I’m free of the bloody hassle it is is getting anything done in the uk because everyone is so bloody miserable and abused they try to shaft the next man because they themselves are being shafted by someone else and so the vicious cycle of the shaft continues unabated. I’m free of the class system that protects the landed gentry, I’m free of the fear of a vexatious complaint and a GMC referral and a public dragging of my name through the dirt before I’m hung drawn and quartered. I’m free of all these tosspots who claim to represent me but who actually lie whilst they feather their own nests while I pay for the self inflicted caning. I’m free from all the do good GPs also that would rather self suicide than actually try to stand and fight for the profession with some good old fashioned proper action.

The BMA also provides some information of moving to work in Australia

Working in Australia( click to view original article)

Healthcare system

Australia has a healthcare system that is managed by both the Australian Government and the State or Territory Governments. Australia’s public healthcare system, Medicare, is funded largely from general taxation, which includes a Medicare Levy based on a person’s taxable income. Australia’s public hospital system is jointly funded by the Australian government and State or Territory governments and is administered by State or Territory Health Departments.


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