The Duthie report. Time for Trust Boards and CCGs to re-visit this excellent and altruistic work from 1981

Orthopaedic waiting lists are getting worse. Yet the solution was offered as long ago as 1981. We will try to re-invent the wheel, write more reports, delay changes, but this excellent and altruistic report was in the Cardiff University library and had been taken out only twice (in 1991) before I borrowed it. The report is not on line, and yet it should be essential reading for all Trust Board members, Clinical Commissioning Groups, health planners and anyone interested in improving the Regional Health Services. I have scanned it in…

My original report 5th October 2014 before scanning: Orthopaedic waiting lists: time for more, and equal access to, non-urgent centres

Orthopaedic Services: Waiting time for out-patient appointments and in-patient treatment. Report of a Working Party to the Secretary of State for Social Services. If you only have time to read one part read the summary and recommendations.

Duthie 1981 Orthopaedics 1

Duthie 1981 Orthopaedics 2

Duthie 1981 Orthopaedics 3

Duthie 1981 Orthopaedics 4

Duthie 1981 Orthopaedics 5 (summary)

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