NHS pay – too complex. But also unfair and a strike is pending..

Richard Baum, a newly employed NHS strategic planner, opines in the Guardian: NHS pay is complicated, unfair and frankly absurd

We must put all the facts on the table and remove perverse incentives if we are serious about making NHS pay fairer

Threatened strikes are becoming reality. Just as the Regional Health Services are unsustainable and broke, the staffing levels and pay are inadequate for the future….. Demographic changes mean we have to ration health care seriously and quickly if we are to save them, and reduce Perverse Incentives… And that’s without re-inventing the larger mutual destroyed by devolution.

Dennis Cambell reports in the Guardian 23rd September 2014: NHS faces week of industrial action by up to 500,000 staff

Unions set to announce four-hour strike and other actions amid anger over Jeremy Hunt’s denial of 1% pay rise

The Independent 24th September reports: NHS workers across England to strike for four hours over pay 

I faced burnout working as a GP in the NHS – I had to stop
Weekend staff shortages are the fatal flaw at the heart of the NHS

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