Mr Cameron has to instruct CEOs, Board members and Chairman to give exit interviews

Mr Simon Stevens is going to meet Raj Mattu … but “fear leaves us frozen” (Hannah Devlin in The Times April 23rd)

I am afraid that very little will change the “alarming culture of fear” unless the politicians listen to the evidence and change their instructions to the Chairman and CEOs. They need to instruct them to give exit interviews, and to say they will not get a gong if they don’t…… Nothing short of this will reverse the current situation, and the cynicism in which the NHS is viewed by it’s staff. Once this process of honest feedback has begun, only then can we correct the damage done by the toxic mix of performance management and covert post-code rationing, political dishonesty and cowardice, and short-termism.

Whistleblowing and the NHS culture of fear. letters in The Times

 A new philosophy- What I believe


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