Public services ombudsman for Wales wants more privacy power … Gag the press as well as the professionals

BBC News reports 5th May 2013:

“Wales could become the first UK nation to have an independent watchdog with the power to stop the publication of some of its reports and to prosecute those who go against its wishes.

Public Servicers Ombudsman Peter Tyndall wants more confidentially powers to protect vulnerable people.

It would mean complainants could face contempt of court charges if they go to the media.

But some warn it would mean less transparency.

Mr Tyndall has legal powers to review complaints about public services such as hospitals or councils in Wales…..”

So once this is law, the people of Wales won’t necessarily know what is going wrong! It will affect us all. The differences will have to be explained to them from outside Wales, in the same way broadcasting uses propaganda to undermine Middle Eastern despotic regimes, and inform its people of the truth! Not much chance of public confidence in stopping gagging, reducing post-code rationing, encourage commissioning for quality, and provides an immediate perverse incentive not to correct problems.

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