an emergency healthcare system left unsafe by “political meddling: Health minister “spouts rubbish”.

NHS A&E departments ‘left unsafe by political meddling’

By Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News 23rd May 2013

“Family doctors are not prepared to shore up an emergency healthcare system left unsafe by “political meddling”, a GP leader is to warn.

British Medical Association GP chairman Dr Laurence Buckman is due to point out in a speech the problems that lead to overstretched hospital A&E departments.

He will accuse Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt of being more interested in bashing doctors and spouting “rubbish”….

Drop in district nurse numbers ‘adds to NHS pressure’

By Adam Brimelow Health Correspondent, BBC News

Dr Buckman says “GPs are not prepared to shore up a system that has been rendered unsafe by
unwise political meddling.”….

Actually I think most GPs, if asked, would still act to save OOH (Out of Hours) and reduce pressures on Emergency departments if the current budgets given to NHS111 and to OOH were allocated to locality commissioning groups to contract as they felt best. Many GPS (those with young families and older GPs) might opt out, but there would be plenty of others available. It could come as cost neutral, but at a loss of pride for the government. It is after all OUR health service, even if it’s post code rationing, lack of fairness, reducing standards, gagging, and lack of open debate frustrate us.

Update 0824:

Dr Laurence  Buckman said on Radio 4’s today programme something to the like of: “Now you have disinvested in the community services for over 10 years – you sound surprised when the chickens come home to roost…”

Dr Peter Carter for the RCN was on BBC news and commenting on the 42% reduction in District Nurses over 10 years. District Nurses are coping with increased complexity, multiple pathologies and demographic ageing. (same as GPs)

Neither professional representative was “surprised” by the disintegration and the implosion of the NHS. Lip-service platitudes like “patient centred” or “primary care led” (RCGP 2002) have not applied to either the old NHS or the new Regional Health Services. In retrospect they were sarcasm at it’s worst, and we swallowed it at the time!

Mark Britnell in the Guardian 14th May 2013 reports:

From god to guide: can patient-centred care become a reality in the NHS?

Most parts of the NHS are only paying lip service to patient engagement, recently hailed as the ‘next blockbuster drug’

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