Hospital ‘superbug’ not monitored by government

BBC news By Allan Urry Reporter, File on 4

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“Hospitals in England (or Wales) are not required to officially report infections of a “superbug” capable of resisting our most powerful antibiotics, a BBC investigation has found.

Cases of “carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae” (CPE) have shown a sharp rise.

Public Health England said a lack of mandatory reporting made assessing the true extent of the problem difficult.

But Chief Medical Officer Sally Davies said laboratories did share data.”

Surely the risk of a “superbug” or clostridium difficile diarrhoea should be something every patient has a right to obtain before choosing which hospital to go to…. (Oh dear, no choice in Wales).  Commissioning groups need this information to make decisions – a cold orthopaedic hospital might be more expensive per operation, but less expensive in complication rates, prolonged  stays, repeat admissions, complaints and litigation. It was Ivan Illich who said “the Doctor is the disease”

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