Interview with Paul Davies, Welsh Assembly Member (Conservative Party)

Interview with Paul Davies, Welsh Assembly Member (Conservative Party)

This takes about 20 minutes and is focussed on National Issues relating to health

This takes about 15 minutes and is related to Local issues on health – relating to Pembrokeshire and West Wales.

The first interview template for anyone wishing to interview their own political representatives is here.Politicians interviews

Paul’s interview contains a detailed analysis of the national and local situation regarding the debate on health. He does not accept the need for rationing, and prefers the term prioritisation. He would like choice, and does not commit on free prescriptions.

Most of the nursing and medical professions will stay disengaged with management and philosophy of the NHS unless the words and the language used are mutual.

The Kings fund and the Nuffield Trust support the need for pragmatic rationing, but it will take a further series of crises before the politicians, and then the public, accept this. 

Paul is clear that his party would like “choice”, and for general interest and historical accuracy I am attaching correspondence (Choice in Wales 2010 3) and  articles from the Western Mail (Choice in Wales 2010 2) and Choice in Wales 1 2010_rotated)  in 2010. I have rarely met a Doctor who would argue against choice.



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